Alpha Skates - Great skills, fast wheels

Step by step

Only in our Private Coaching Programme, we have the flexibility to advance at a pace suitable for everyone in the group. 
This step-by-step programme allows student to be able to learn a new skill in every lesson.
All skills listed below can be learnt over a minimum of 25 lessons.
Instructors' opinion - Our instructors will at his own professional capacity, conduct refresher courses between lessons to improve students' skill before moving on to the next. 

Level 1-1

New students will be introduced to all skating equipment (e.g. inline skates, safety gears and helmet)
Skating basics like standing on wheels, breaking-a-fall, walking on wheels will be taught in this level. 

Level 1

  1. Basic walking on wheels
  2. Heel stop 
  3. Scooter-ing forward

Level 2

  1. Basic turning
  2. More ways of moving forward
  3. Introduction to urban skating

Level 3

  1. Balancing on one foot
  2. Advanced beginner turning methods
  3. Basic slalom

Level 4

  1. Picking up speed with striding
  2. T Stop
  3. Intermediate turning methods

Level 5

  1. Changing direction while skating
  2. Advanced turning methods

Level 6

  1. Skating backwards
  2. Continuous turning movement
  3. Basic sliding methods