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Courses & Pricing

Lesson packages offered by Alpha Skates

Courses & Pricing

Be it you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level, we provide a list of courses for you.
(We provide rental equipment @ $15 per lesson package.)

Inline Trial Class / 1 Lesson

A lesson for complete beginners
(For all first-time skaters)
Fee: $28
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Customised Class

A quick course created for skaters who want to improve their techniques and benefit from urban skating
(For self-taught skaters who can already skate)
Participants are free to take as many classes as they need

Fee: $50 per lesson

Open Group (OG)

For someone who is keen to learn with other skating enthusiasts
Fee: $90^
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Personal Coaching Programme (PCP) 

Suitable for families & friends
Fee: $120^ 
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